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 What do our customers say about our service?

Здравствуйте! Заказ 134147 получен.
Александр, RUSSIA

I have just received the t-shirts!thank you very much!the quality is high and they are more nice than the photo!they are amazing! Thank you very much,
Grigorios, GREECE

Hallo, thanks, for the items, i got the shipment today. and it was all perfect, thank you for the great service

Delije Shop
Мы желаем вас известить что ваш заказ отправлен.
Если вас нет дома когда почтальон принесёт вам пакет, он вам оставит в
почтовом ящичке уведомление о получении почтового отправления. Это
уведомление Вам нужно будет отнести в ваше почтовое отделение связи, где
вам выдадут бандероль с Вашим заказом.

Пожалуйста, известите нас о получении заказа.

Александр Губанов, Москва, RUSSIA

Incredible fast delivery shipment very well done! Will be ordering again soon
Nilufer Erbil, USA

I Just received the Red Star Home shirt!!!!! I’m thrilled!!!! The shirt is amazing and it got here really fast, less than 10 days from Serbia to Brazil.
Thanks a lot!!!!!
Jorge Luiz Bastos Junior, BRASIL

Спасибо,все пришло.Вещи супер,удачи вам и всего хорошего,досвидания и до
новых заказов
Прописнов Михаил, RUSSIA

I just wanted to tell you that I recieved the NIKE dres FK Crvena Zvezda  (Order number : 66707). Everything in OK. It’s just as advertised. I didn’t expect things to go this good :) I will defenetly order again. Thanks, and good luck.
Anredi Marius Stefan, ROMANIA

Delije Shop...
Goods were recieved on Friday 23rd June...
Thanks for the great service...i will be buying again!!!!

Dear, Igor! I have received the order.
 Majica FK pecat - FC Red Star T-shirt - stamp = 1 (XXL)
 Majica FK grb - T-shirt FC emblem = 1 (Light grey - XXL)
 Many thanks!!! I hope for the further cooperation! With the best
Aleksandr Gubanov, RUSSIA

I recieved the items that I ordered from your shop
yesterday. Once again you have not let me down with quality and sevice.
Thank you very much
have a great Christmas and New Year

today i received my order
thank you very much
Panagiotis Boules, GREECE

I have received my order.

Thank you for your help.
Milena Ripiloska, AUSTRALIA

The ordered goods arrived on the other day. Goods 
arrived before Christmas and it became a Christmas present to me exactly
Shigeto Fujiwara, JAPAN

I have received the T shirt. Really really nice. Well done!
Sooner or later I will get back to your web site for a new purchasing.
Giovanni Bo’, ITALY

I’ve just received the package. Nice stuff!
Thanks, greetings from Brazil
Geraldo Antonio Krzywy, BRAZIL

I just recieved the items today and they are exactly as advertised. Thanks a lot.
Igor Mukoski, USA

I got the item yesterday, cheers it’s great. Ralph
Ralph Murphy, IRELAND

The parcel arrived yesterday and everything is ok.
I’ll probably have a new order soon !!!, All the best!
Ricardo Casaca, PORTUGAL

I recieved the parcel from Belgrade yesterday and thanx for the extra gift!
Best regards, Nils
Nils Bruckner, GERMANY

thank you - I have just received you Red Star jersey. Best regards, Tomoyuki
Tomoyuki Kawatsu, JAPAN

Some time ago, I have ordered sweat-shirt of Crvena Zvezda. Yesterday I receieved the parcel. It’s just great !! Thanks a lot. Regard, Jacek
Jacek Nizynski, POLAND

Thank you. I have now received the parcel.
Zoran Pancovan, DENMARK

Videotapes delivery were carried out. Thank you for it being very kind and sending to long distance Japan.I continue needing your support. And I am very thankful to you.
Motoji Matsuhashi, JAPAN

I have received the FK Crvena Zvezda Adidas long sleeved jersey (size XL). I am very pleased with it. I will be ordering more items from the Delije Shop in the near future.
Many Thanks.Best Regards, 

I received my shirt and cap today 5 March 2003.  They are great and I will wear them with great pride
Thank you.  I will return to purchase more items when I have more funds.
Tom Twinem, USA

Just a brief note to inform you I received the parcel this morning. Thanks again for your help!!
Giuliano Perin, UNITED KINGDOM

My recent order has been received.
The items where in good condition and as advertised. My friend will be pleased receiving them as a gift. Thank you for the fast, courteous service.
Gregory Paxson,  USA

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